Hear My Call

No, I am not a religious person....at all. And one doesn't need to be to fall head-over-heels in love with this song. It had me truly wishing that if there were a God, he would hear her call....

Jill Scott- "Hear My Call"


"La Moda Animada"

Imagine Karl Lagerfeld drenched in black storming a red carpet as side-liners gawk in amazement...imagine
Jean Paul Gaultier leisurely browsing through designs on his amazing balcony in Paris.....now imagine Buzz Lightyear and Lilo & Stich being several of those "side-liners"....imagine JPG as Donald Duck in a bad wig, Mickey Mouse, his assistant. That is exactly what Ulirich Schroder did for Elle Spain. Enjoy.......
All characters by Ulrich Schroder for Elle Spain

Mechanical Beauty

1936 Bugatti
courtesy of Cultured Couture

 Steampunk Guitar
courtesy of Coolest Gadgets

 Rarely do I describe an inanimate object as "sexy", but if the Hemi fits....
2010 Dodge Challenger

 Steampunk All-In-One PC
courtesy of Coolest Gadgets


No No No.....

Dawn Penn- "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)"


I've been hearing about this video for a while, and I'm really not sure whether I should be appalled or what. It's like a little disturbing. Shit's kinda funny though. One interesting mesh of both(funny and disturbing) is when the pint-sized Michelle Pfeiffer impersonator says "You deal coke and you kill people, that's wooonderful Tony!".