QUOTE: From Virginia Woolf

Words that struck home upon reading them. I love it when that happens. Thanks Virginia. ;)

" Melancholy diminishes as I write. Why then don’t I write it down oftener? Well, one’s vanity forbids. I want to appear a success even to myself. Yet I don’t get to the bottom of it."



Nabakov on the Science of Being a Good Reader

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 Select thoughts from a one Nabakov on what it takes to "be a good reader." According to him, "a good reader, a major reader, and active and creative reader is a rereader." I wholeheartedly agree. Peep the link right HERE for some more of Nabakov's wisdom on the subject.



I've decided you'll be finding feisty little debate questions popping up from time to time. Ya'll are 'bout to be so engaged! Please, refrain from bombarding me with thanks when seen in the streets. Here goes ;)

QUESTION: Is one truly creative if they require some sort of narcotic or drug to "bring it out"?

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Hybrid Beasts

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Take a look at these sculptures from Korean artist Yong Ho Ji. Inspired in part by his upbringing on a mountain countryside and Darwin's theory of evolution, they are made of varying parts used tire strips, steel frames, synthetic resins, wood and styrofoam. And they're fucking awesome. Check 'em out below.