Show Me Why You're Strong

"I'll wait. So show me why you're strong. Ignore everybody else. We're alone now."
(from "Retrograde" by James Blake)

From lover to lover. From friend to friend. From parent to child. From God to man. From self to self.
From self to self. It's this for me. When your friends have gone, where will you fit? Show me your strength, show me your worth. Prove it. Speak it. Do it. Believe it. Where do you stand? Where is your love? Your love of self? Any other love you claim is worthless, non existent, until you claim the first. 

What makes you tall? What makes you proud? What makes you want to keep going, keep trying? A cause, a purpose, bigger than you. Discover. Envelop yourself in it, in all things. In all things that will make you grow. 
What is your style? Where is your voice?! What are you trying to SAY?! You want to write? Then write! What are you waiting for?! Whose approval do you seek? 

Everyone's. Everyone's but your own. Doing it for the wrong reasons. Reaping shitty crops. When no one is there, where do you fit? Find your place. Look inside. Find your place. Be at peace.

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